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d-p1x df041

Discmania P1x D-line

Cena 12,00 €
Krāsa Svars
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The highly requested beaded putter by Discmania is here! The P1x is for the perfect feel in your hand. Unique round nose combined with a medium-sized bead makes this putter your new favourite.

The P1x is a disc that was created with an ergonomic feel in mind. Its convex lower wing and the classic P1 top gives this disc a very comfortable feeling in the hand. The x factor of the P1x is its medium sized bead. This bead just fits in hand much better than the jutting out bead of all other putters. P1x feels like it was built like your grandpas Cadillac, but cuts through the air like an eagle going for its prey. If you’re looking for all out straight line performance that won’t fade as quick as your standard P1, grab the P1x and reinvent your game!

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