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Discmania DD2 Frenzy G-line

Cena 17,90 €
Krāsa Svars
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Discmania’s fastest and longest driver now comes with the new G-line material!

You can expect long and controllable S-curve shots, pin-point power hyzers and a long lifespan from this new Discmania release. In terms of stability the DD2 in G-line allows a touch straighter lines than the DD2 in S-line and C-line materials, making this high speed driver more appealing to a wider range of players. Possibly the fastest Innova-molded disc ever made!

The DD2 Frenzy is currently the farthest flying Discmania brand driver and is possibly the longest flying Innova disc made! This disc offers tremendous speed combined with good glide and great control! This disc is a hybrid of Innova’s Katana and Boss. You get the best of both in the DD2! Give it try – you’ll probably reach distances you’ve never reached before.

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